Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Behind Europeís Cheap Food

A new documentary titled Killing Fields: the battle to feed factory farms Ė produced by a coalition of pressure groups including Friends of the Earth, Food and Water Watch and with European coordination by Via Campesina, Ė documents the intensive animal farming across the EU, and how the price for this meat is being paid across Latin America.

The film shows vast plantations of soy in Paraguay principally grown for use in intensively-farmed animal feed, contributing to social and ecological problems, including the forced eviction of rural communities, landlessness, poverty, excessive use of pesticides, deforestation and rising food insecurity.

Intensive animal agriculture is devastating to Godís Creation. Itís sickening people, itís creating hell on earth for Godís animals and it is destroying the environment. Those who support this industry must realize the extent of its negative effects; hopefully, before itís too late for the generations to come.

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