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From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Antarctic Sea Creatures at Risk

Scientists are worried that sea creatures in the Antarctic may be at great risk as the water temperature in the area slowly rises due to global warming. These creatures, such as Antarctic sea spiders, limpets, sea urchins and the Antarctic marine woodlouse only thrive in near-freezing waters and even as slight temperature rise might be intolerable for them. "Because this is one of the most rapidly warming areas on the planet and because the animals are so temperature sensitive...this marine ecosystem is at higher risk than almost anywhere else on the planet," said Simon Morley, a marine biologist at the British Antarctic Survey at Rothera.

We cannot ignore the fact that animal agriculture contributes to almost 1/5 of greenhouse gases emissions, which is more than all transportation combined. The fight against global warming and its many devastating effects must include a transition to a plant-based diet in order to reduce the number of animals raised for food. As stewards of Godís Creation we should realize that our everyday life affects our surroundings, including all Godís creatures and the environment.

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