Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Broiler Chickens Cannot Walk

The Defra-funded study, which involved 176 flocks (51,000 chickens) belonging to five major chicken producers in the UK suggested that more than a quarter of broiler chickens have difficulty walking due to the fast rate at which they are grown. The study found that at about 40 days old 27.6% exhibited "poor locomotion" and 3.3% could almost not walk at all.

The fact the animals that end up in our plates are so lame to the point that cannot walk shows how little we think of them. In fact, to the meat industry, God's animals are nothing but commodities that bring profit. It is up to us, stewards of God's Creation, to take a stand for these creatures and defend their God-given rights and instincts, by showing them compassion and mercy.

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