Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Battery Farm Owner Fined

Trevor Chin and Wellington Farms, in New Zealand, have pleaded guilty to animal welfare charges relating to the care of 28,000 birds. The hens on the Wellington egg farm were left to die with their heads stuck through the bars of their cages while other birds, caged with rotting carcasses, sometimes pecked on the remains.

The judge, Gregory Ross, who ordered Chin to do 400 hours community work and pay $1200 in solicitor's fees and $6000 toward the costs of the prosecution, said he could not understand how Chin and his staff were able to pass without helping the birds with their heads trapped so that they could not reach food or water. Chin won't be able to own or have custody of any birds for 10 years.

Causing suffering to any creatures shows our hardness of heart. Animals, part of God's Creation, deserve to be treated with compassion and mercy. As long as God's animals are exploited, humanity will continue to reap the consequences.

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