Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Animal Welfare is Hot Topic

An LA Times article published on July 2 states that Americans are thinking more than ever where and how their food is produced. Consequently, agribusinesses are being pressured to make changes to meet the customers' demands, such as Tyson Foods Inc. transitioning to antibiotic-free chickens, and farmers changing how they treat their animals. However, Peter Singer, bioethics professor at Princeton University, believes that "Change, whether it is in the way meat-producing animals are raised or the conditions in which hens lay their eggs, is likely to come slowly."

Hopefully, more people will realize everyday that their choice of food products has tremendous influence on the way the meat industry does business. We can choose compassion over cruelty by not supporting the exploitation of Gods animals raised for food. In turn, wed be reflecting Gods love for all Creation.

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