Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Acquittal of Esbenshade Farms owner and manager of animal cruelty charges

Compassion Over Cruelty’s (COK) case against Pennsylvania-based Esbenshade Farms has reached a sad ending. After reviewing the under-cover video and hearing from the defense and prosecution, Judge Jayne Duncan of the Magisterial District Court in Lancaster County acquitted the egg factory farm owner and manager of animal cruelty charges.

According to COK’s general counsel Cheryl Leahy, “If these animals had been dogs or cats, there’s little doubt this case would have resulted in a conviction. There is a clear double standard here, and that hypocrisy is troubling.”

The lack of laws protecting God’s animals in spite of the abundant evidence pointing to cruel and abusive conditions in egg poultry farms is disappointing and appalling. As long as consumers keep supporting this facilities, profit will define the way egg-laying hens are treated.

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