Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Animal Husbandry

Veterinarian Brian J. Gerloff admonished most agricultural and animal-husbandry groups that oppose changing cruel animal-husbandry practices. He believes that people involved in animal agriculture "need to objectively look at our animal-husbandry practices as an outsider would. And we must look beyond the emphasis of profit and performance." Gerloff wants everyone to ask themselves: Can we look them in the eye, assured that we are doing our best as their caretakers?

The only way to look at animals in the eye and know we are treating them with compassion and respect is to let them live and exercise their God-given rights. While some people treat their farm animals more humanely/less abusively than others, at the end the animals are killed for human benefit, regardless of the animalsí desire to live or their fear of death. The transition to a plant-based diet helps us respect and obey Godís ideal plan for all creatures.

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