Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Arizona Proposition No. 204

November 2006

The debate between supporters and opponents of the Arizona Proposition 204 is a heated one. This Proposition, the Humane Treatment of Farm Animals Act, would ban keeping pregnant sows and calves (for veal production) from being confined and crates so small they cannot even turn around.

Supporters of this initiative argue that the animalsí instincts and needs should be taken into consideration. Opponents argue that their animals, although in small cages, are well taken care of. Interestingly enough, the only Arizona's large hog farm has refused to let reporters in to see for themselves.

The callousness of the factory farming industry can be seen in the way they treat Godís animals. Keeping pregnant sows and calves in crates is very cruel; moreover, claiming that factory farms take good care of their animals and trying to deceive the public is outrageous. God asks compassion from us for all creation.

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