Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Cloned animals might be turned into food

Surrounded by ethical, religious, health and many other concerns, the fact that cloned animals might enter the food production is very a very real one. According to the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), "Meat and milk from cattle clones and their offspring are as safe as that from conventionally bred animals," However, the Humane Society of the United States and other advocacy groups have filed a petition for a moratorium with the FDA.

Cloning supporters assert that the quality of meat will be better, but the International Dairy Foods Association (representing Kraft Foods, Dannon, Nestlé USA and others) opposes the idea of marketing the milk of cloned animals out of fear that it could harm milk’s image of wholesomeness. Interestingly, the FDA says that they might not require the labeling of such products as cloned since it would be very hard to keep track of them. In fact, it seems that the offspring of cloned farmed animals have already been slaughtered and eaten.

Unfortunately, scientific advances not always mean good news for God’s creation. The God-given rights of animals should not be ignored and their manipulation for human pleasure (in this case taste) shouldn’t take place. While the demand for animal products exists, there will be no peace between them and humans, and our lack of compassion will always result in their suffering, human sickness and negative environmental consequences.