Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Cruelty and neglect of transporting farm animals

August 2006: More tragic stories about transporting live farm animals are in the open. These animals suffer tremendously through inclement weather, lack of food and water, injuries, stress, fear, and extreme confinement. God put these animals on earth under our care and to glorify Him/Her.

How does this inhumane treatment show any care for them or honor for their, and our, Creator?

The following article exposes the case of more than 11,000 baby turkeys that died during transport by Northwest Airlines in two separate incidents in the month of July. On July 13th more than 9,000 (out of 11,500) died from suffocation, overheating and dehydration. On July 19th about 2,240 chicks sat for hours in 108-degree weather after the flight they were on developed mechanical trouble.

The solution? The dead and dying chicks were thrown into a trash compactor, just like mere garbage.