Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

America’s little dirty secret

God calls us to have compassion over all his creation and to take care of it as if He was doing it. He entrusted it to us. Here in the US we think it’s OK to abuse some animals and eat (cows, pigs, chickens) while excluding them from our circle of compassion. On the other hand, horses are not seen as food unlike in Europe and Japan.

The phrase “America’s dirty little secret” refers to the slaughtering of horses in the US, whose meat is then shipped overseas. We, Christian vegetarians, would like to see the compassion toward horses, extended to the rest of the animals.

The following article describes the efforts of animal advocate groups coupled with the opinion of the majority of Americans in order to stop this cruelty. On July 25 a congressional hearing took place to address this issue and to consider legislation that would make the exportation of horse meat illegal.

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