Weekly Newsletter from Christian Vegetarian Association CVA - February 3, 2022
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  1. Activist Feedback
  2. Garden of Eden – The Forbidden Fruit
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1. Activist Feedback

Rick Hershey writes:

I handed out 1200 CVA booklets at Rupp Arena in Lexington for Winter Jam in 15-degree windchill weather.  I had no problems with police, and one asked me for a booklet.
Check out Winter Jam Winter Jam · Cities & Dates (jamtour.com) for a list of upcoming events. If you can help our ministry by leafleting there, contact Lorena at lorenavalenziveg@gmail.com.

2. Garden of Eden – The Forbidden Fruit

It is a paradox that God forbade Adam and Eve from eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Eve was attracted to the fruit in part because it would make her wise. Why should such wisdom be forbidden?
Although all answers are speculative, viewing the story through a lens informed by the insights of René Girard can be helpful. Girard proposed that mimetic desire leads to conflict, violence, and scapegoating. Because of mimetic desire, objects invariably become scarce, because people want the same things. People come to see what they desire as “good,” and those who stand in the way of their obtaining what they desire as “evil.” This sense of scarcity, and animosity toward those held responsible for this sense of scarcity, creates hostilities that lead to violence and scapegoating. Prior to eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve had a sense that the Garden of Eden fully satisfied their needs and desires. Afterward, they perceived scarcity and feared suffering, which brought them into conflict with the other inhabitants of the Garden and, potentially, with each other. They no longer perceived the Garden as a paradise, and, as potentially harmful exploiters of the Garden’s resources, their presence now threatened the well-being of the rest of the inhabitants.
Next week, I will speculate on why, after eating the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve became ashamed of their nakedness.
As always, I welcome feedback, and I am glad to publish comments that add to the discussion.
Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D. 

3. From All-Creatures.Org Ministry

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