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  1. Replies to last week’s essay on “cancel culture”
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1. Replies to last week’s essay on “cancel culture”

Thank you, Steve, for speaking out about this. The animal rights movement is clearly being threatened in many ways during this time, and censorship is high on the list. I have spoken with several vegan activists who actually claimed that the censorship is good, because we need to be protected from incorrect ideas. As you pointed out, we cannot have critical thinking and wise activism if we are depending on corrupt sources for "fact-checked" information. These are unprecedented times. If we lose our freedom of speech, assembly, etc. we will be hard-pressed to free the animals. The fear that has been engendered this past year seems to have caused those who have bought into the fear to shut down their questioning minds. It is vital that vegan activists work together, regardless of opinions about covid, to continue to educate and free the animals.
~ With gratitude, Judy Carman

I totally agree with your article on cancel culture, including the horrific treatment of animals. I would include unborn babies. I wonder how long God will put up with us.
~ Lynn Wilkinson

I completely agree with this article. I live in Ireland, and we do not have free speech anymore.
~ God bless, Majella Furlong

I think people who hurl the racist term at anti-fur activism for impeding heretofore marginalized groups (Blacks, LGBTQ, Asian, etc.) from making fashion statements are just seeing what will stick. Like all criticism of the Israeli occupation is anti-semitism. Nonsense. I do take your point, though, that malcontents need to be able to voice their disgruntlement, no matter how objectionable it is, to keep them from running into the arms of the next autocrat.
~ Reverend Deidra Goulding

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2. Quick Survey

CVA member Gabe writes:

I am a high school student and vegetarian doing research on ways people do or do not mitigate the health risks of vegetarian or vegan diets.


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