Weekly Newsletter from Christian Vegetarian Association CVA - January 16, 2021
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  1. REVIVE Conference
  2. Some Good News and Some Victories for Animals in 2020!
  3. Thoughts on Moral Frameworks part 4, Respect
  4. All-Creatures.Org Ministry

1. REVIVE Conference

Raw Christian Living announces the REVIVE Conference (Zoom) on Jan. 23. Their mission is to vegevangelize the world, promoting raw, organic, vegan living that spreads the full Gospel and glorifies God. To register, go to: REVIVE Conference.

2. Some Good News and Some Victories for Animals in 2020!

There is massive suffering among animals throughout the world, but there also was a lot of progress in 2020. To see the impressive lists of accomplishments of the animal advocacy movement, go to: 300+ Wins for Animals in 2020!

3. Thoughts on Moral Frameworks part 4, Respect

Prior reflections on legalism and theodicy showed that these frameworks are problematic. Perhaps treating everyone with respect can be a good general principle for guiding moral choices.

Respect involves taking into account the needs and interests of other individuals, which of course is desirable. However, if we claimed that one tried to be respectful, it is still possible that other individuals might feel that they have been treated disrespectfully. Frequently, they will then conclude that the claim of trying to be respectful was disingenuous and that there have been bad intentions. Consequently, a person with well-meaning intentions might be accused of disrespectful behavior and therefore ill-intent.

Examples abound. If a person incorporates elements of another traditionís culture into that personís art, is it a sign of respect for that culture or disrespectful appropriation? If one chooses not to contradict a bad idea voiced by a person from a marginalized group, is it a sign of respectful recognition of this personís marginalized status or disrespectful condescension?

Respect can be a helpful guide for morality, but perhaps we can do better. I will continue these thoughts next week.

Stephen R. Kaufman, MD

4. All-Creatures.org Ministry

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