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  1. Guided by the Faith of Christ – Proofreaders Needed
  2. The July-August Peaceable Table Is Now Online
  3. Justice, Part 8: The Realm of God
  4. All-Creatures.Org Ministry
  5. Note about the CVA E-newsletter

1. Guided by the Faith of Christ – Proofreaders Needed

I am nearing completion of a revised version of the book, which has a lot of what I think are helpful changes. I need 2-3 people who are willing to read the book and identify any typos or other errors. If you are interested, please e-mail me at cva@christianveg.org. I will send a text version of the book. If you find that you are unable to complete the project in 2 weeks, just let me know.

In Christ,

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

2. The July-August Peaceable Table Is Now Online

The Glimpse of the Peaceable Kingdom tells of the friendship between a retired Brazilian named Joao and an oil-covered penguin he rescued. Joao cleaned him up and fed him until he was ready to be released back into the ocean, but "Din-Din" wouldn't go! Read the story.

The Editor's Corner Guest Essay is a review-article by Karen Davis of Voices for Animal Liberation, an anthology of accounts of how various activists awakened to the reality of human abuse of animals, especially farmed animals. The stories are deeply moving.

The rapid spread of Covid19 among workers in slaughterhells has awakened many to these and other dangers posed by our agribusiness system. The NewsNote tells of Senate and Congressional proposals, by Cory Booker and Ro Khanna, intended to break up the monopolies of major slaughterhell systems.

In a Letter, PT subscriber and author A.J. Morey describes how the review of Inside Hearts and Minds in the May-June PT brought to her mind the fact that, as with animals, times of stress bring out both selfish and heroic actions among humans.

Friend Steve Willey, a leading light for the animal concern in the Sandpoint (Idaho) Meeting, authored our Review of Mama's Last Hug by primatologist Frans de Waal. The book presents narratives of human-animal relationships and studies on primate consciousness, with extensive comparisons to human consciousness.

Our Pioneer for this issue is Cleveland Amory, one-time author of books about Boston top-drawer society, who became animal activist extraordinaire, writing best-selling books, founding animal defense organizations and sanctuaries, and raising vast amounts of money to help out other animal groups.

You are guaranteed to enjoy both making and eating the Quick Chocolate Cake in our Recipe section, reprinted with permission from The Peaceable Kitchen, a cookbook produced by Sandpoint Friends. The mint frosting recipe is from the website of Two Sisters.

Eugene Field's poem about the fight between the gingham dog and the calico cat is well-known as a piece of light-hearted nonsense for children. But when seen as a commentary on how human beings post-Darwin tend to think about animals, it is rather disquieting. See the Poetry section.

To read or read in this issue, go to http://www.vegetarianfriends.net/issue162.html.

Toward the Peaceable Kingdom,
Gracia Fay Ellwood, Editor

3. Justice, Part 8: The Realm of God

I want to explore further the “Kingdom of God” about which Jesus frequently talked. Presumably, the Kingdom of God describes a utopian community, akin to the “peaceable kingdom” described in Isaiah 11:6-9. However, some people object to the term “kingdom.”

Why should the ideal community have a leader with great power, rather than a more democratic, egalitarian political structure? I think Jesus’ metaphor reflects the tenor of his time. Throughout the world, the leaders were kings – male strongmen who attained their status through birth or conquest. It likely seemed to his audience that a precondition of any ideal society was the existence of a king.

The lack of democratic ideals is not the only concern. The notion that a perfect world must be led by a man diminishes the status of women. Further, monotheism precludes the existence of a second, female god, and it makes no sense to describe God as masculine when there is no feminine counterpart. Consequently, I prefer the metaphor “realm of God” to describe the ideal community.

Where do animals stand in the realm of God? I will consider that next.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

4. All-Creatures.Org Ministry

Recent Newsletters. We hope you like and share them with others to help end the exploitation and killing of animals.

Recent Sermons by Rev. Frank L. Hoffman:

5. Note about the CVA E-Newsletter

We have been having difficulty sending out the e-newsletter. Unless we get a different program, we will likely be sending the e-newsletter twice a month.

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