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CVA Weekly Newsletter
October 30, 2013

  1. Activist Feedback
  2. Book Review
  3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

1. Activist Feedback
Kathy, who leafleted with Jacques at the Hillsong United Tour in Minnesota, writes:
We distributed roughly 450 leaflets! We were at the event from 6 pm to 7 pm. For the most part, both Jacques and I agreed that people were pretty receptive to the booklets. We each had a couple people or so stop and talk to us, as well, about the booklet and the movement for vegetarianism, and we had opportunities to share more details with them.
Upcoming Activist Opportunities
11/05/2013    LA, New Orleans         Need to Breathe
11/06/2013    IN, Anderson       Passion: Let the Future Begin Tour
11/06/2013    FL, Jacksonville        The Digital Age
11/08-09/13   CA, Anaheim             ATF
11/08/2013    GA, Athens              Need to Breathe
11/08/2013    CA, Ontario             Winter Jam Tour (California)
11/08/2013    TN, Johnson City        Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/09/2013    MD, Baltimore      Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/09/2013    GA, Atlanta             Atlanta Veg Fest
11/09/2013    NV, Las Vegas      Winter Jam Tour
11/10/2013    AZ, Glendale       Winter Jam Tour
11/12/2013    CA, Ontario             Hillsong United
11/14/2013    NJ, Newark              Hillsong United
11/14/2013    ID, Boise          Winter Jam Tour
11/15/2013    OR, Portland       Winter Jam Tour
11/15/2013    FL, Tampa          Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/15/2013    MA, Boston              Hillsong United
11/16/2013    PA, Pittsburgh     Hillsong United
11/16/2013    CA, Sacramento     Winter Jam Tour
11/16/2013    FL, West Palm Beach Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/17/2013    FL, Jacksonville        Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/17/2013    CA, Fresno              Winter Jam Tour
11/18/2013    NC, Greensboro     Hillsong United
11/19/2013    SC, Greenville     Hillsong United
11/21/2013    NM, Rio Rancho     Winter Jam Tour
11/21/2013    MO, Independence        Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/22/2013    CO, Colorado Springs    Winter Jam Tour
11/22/2013    FL, Tampa          Hillsong United
11/23/2013    FL, Miami          Hillsong United
11/24/2013    TX, Ft. Worth      Winter Jam Tour
11/24/2013    TN, Nashville      National Youth Convention
11/24/2013    AL, Huntsville     Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/26/2013    TX, Houston             Hillsong United
11/29/2013    TN, Nashville      Natalie Grant
11/30/2013    GA, Atlanta             The Story Tour: A Christmas Celebration
11/30/2013    GA, Atlanta             Casting Crowns
12/05/2013    PA, Reading             Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
12/07/2013    MN, St. Paul       Third Day Tour
12/07/2013    NY, NYC            Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
12/12/2013    OK, Tulsa          Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
12/15/2013    IN, Indianapolis        Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour

2. Book Review
Animal Oppression and Human Violence: Domesecration, Capitalism, and Global Conflict by David Nibert, 2013, 352 pp, $29.50
Animal advocates have often asserted that there is a link between the harmful exploitation of humans and nonhumans. Animal Oppression and Human Violence is a remarkably well-written and well-documented book that thoroughly and conclusively demonstrates this link. David Nibert shows that domesecration – a term he coined to provide an alternative to the benign-sounding term domestication – of nonhuman persons has been as much a disaster for human civilization as for the unfortunate nonhuman beings who have fallen under human control.
On every continent, herders have violently displaced agriculturalists, resulting in massive killing of nonhuman beings and human beings and causing great poverty and food deprivation among humans. A major impetus to colonize Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas was to domesecrate nonhumans in order to procure flesh and other products for human consumption, primarily by the wealthy elite. Domesecrated animals were crucial in the success of ruthless campaigns to displace and exterminate indigenous people for several reasons. For example, nonhuman beings who accompanied conquering armies provided essential “food on the hoof.”
It becomes clear from Nibert’s detailed analysis that the violent and oppressive attitudes that have resulted in extreme misery for nonhumans are readily applied to dehumanized human groups, particularly when the goal is to obtain the products of domesecration. The adverse consequences of domesecration today include land, water, energy and other resource depletion; development of zoonotic (animal-to-human) infectious diseases; promotion of antibiotic resistance among bacteria; and “Western” diseases associated with eating flesh, milk, and eggs such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.
Nibert advocates veganism, and he shows that a shift to “humane meat” does little to reduce the harm of domesecration to humans and nonhumans. Further, he demonstrates how violence against all living beings is an inherent consequence of capitalism. Nibert contends that capitalism corrupts the democratic process, and he favors a democratic form of socialism. However, to the best of my knowledge we do not yet have a real world model of this economic/political arrangement. Developing a just, sustainable society will be the challenge of the future. This challenge must be met or humanity and the nonhuman world likely face ever greater suffering and death.
Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman
Choose Good Versus Evil

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