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CVA Weekly Newsletter
October 23, 2013

  1. Activist Feedback
  2. Essay: On Watching Graphic Videos
  3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

1. Activist Feedback
Leslie, who tabled with Dolly, Dolly’s daughter and others at the Tamp Bay Veg Fest, writes:
We had a great time at the 4th Annual Tampa Bay Veg Fest and were delighted to have so many visitors at our table interested in the concept and literature of the Christian Vegetarian Association. As always, many were happy that we were there to represent the Christian side of being vegan. 
Visitors wanted literature to understand the reasons for becoming vegan and to answer questions from the Bible. Also, several signed up to be volunteers, and DVDs and bumper stickers were sold.
All of our volunteers did an awesome job, setting up and taking down the table, being on time, and wearing their CVA t-shirts proudly. The t-shirts prompted discussion as to whether or not Jesus would eat meat. There were different opinions but it clearly got people thinking. We handed out well-over 100 brochures, which is good, I find, for a tabling event.
Dolly has invited my friend and me to help her table for the CVA at the Central Veg Fest in Orlando next weekend.  We are happy for the networking and the joy from helping to promote veganism and compassion through the Christian Vegetarian Association.
Upcoming Activist Opportunities
11/01/2013    CT. Hartford       Women of Faith
11/01/2013    PA, Blakely             Third Day
11/01/2013    OK, Tulsa          Relient K
11/02/2013    AR, Little Rock         Relient K
11/01-02/13   OH, Cleveland      ATF
11/08-09/13   CA, Anaheim             ATF
11/08/2013    CA, Ontario             Winter Jam Tour
11/08/2013    TN, Johnson City        Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/09/2013    MD, Baltimore      Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/09/2013    GA, Atlanta             Atlanta Veg Fest
11/09/2013    NV, Las Vegas      Winter Jam Tour
11/10/2013    AZ, Glendale       Winter Jam Tour
11/12/2013    CA, Ontario             Hillsong United
11/14/2013    NJ, Newark              Hillsong United
11/14/2013    ID, Boise          Winter Jam Tour
11/15/2013    OR, Portland       Winter Jam Tour
11/15/2013    FL, Tampa          Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/15/2013    MA, Boston              Hillsong United
11/16/2013    PA, Pittsburgh     Hillsong United
11/16/2013    CA, Sacramento     Winter Jam Tour
11/16/2013    FL, West Palm Beach Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/17/2013    FL, Jacksonville        Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/17/2013    CA, Fresno              Winter Jam Tour
11/18/2013    NC, Greensboro     Hillsong United
11/19/2013    SC, Greenville     Hillsong United
11/21/2013    NM, Rio Rancho     Winter Jam Tour
11/21/2013    MO, Independence        Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/22/2013    CO, Colorado Springs    Winter Jam Tour
11/22/2013    FL, Tampa          Hillsong United
11/23/2013    FL, Miami          Hillsong United
11/24/2013    TX, Ft. Worth      Winter Jam Tour
11/24/2013    TN, Nashville      National Youth Convention
11/24/2013    AL, Huntsville     Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/26/2013    TX, Houston             Hillsong United
11/29/2013    TN, Nashville      Natalie Grant
12/05/2013    PA, Reading             Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
12/07/2013    NY, NYC            Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
12/12/2013    OK, Tulsa          Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
12/15/2013    IN, Indianapolis        Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour

2. Essay: On Watching Graphic Videos
Does a person, who is committed to ending violence against animals, have an obligation to view graphic images and videos?  Does a person abandon the animals to suffering alone by refusing to view these graphic images?  Does a person risk personal harm by viewing these images?
Melanie Joy comments helpfully on questions of this kind from her perspective as a PhD in social psychology.  In “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows,” she offers two contending approaches.
First, she encourages people to look upon the violence by stating, “virtually every atrocity in the history of humankind was enabled by a populace that turned away from a reality that seemed too painful to face, while virtually every revolution for peace and justice has been made possible by a group of people who choose to bear witness and demanded that others bear witness as well.” (p. 139)
Next, she adds a caveat: “Staying informed does not mean continually exposing yourself to graphic imagery. Once you’re aware of the suffering of farmed animals, you don’t need to expose yourself to potentially traumatizing information.” (p. 147)
The fact that an expert in this field, who thoroughly researched the issue, stops short of offering definitive guidance suggests that the above questions are impervious to generally applicable answers and that a unique approach for each person is necessary.
For a Christian who is attempting to discern their correct course on this issue, the ancient words of Proverbs 3:5,6 find an modern application:
“Trust in the Lord will all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all of your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”
Phil Whitehead

3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman
Living in God’s Heavenly Will

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