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CVA Weekly Newsletter
October 10, 2013

  1. Upcoming Activist Opportunities
  2. Essay: Willful Blindness, part 2
  3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

1. Upcoming Activist Opportunities
10/18         CA, Los Angeles         Hillsong United
10/29         PA, Pittsburgh     JCTV Tour
10/19         FL, Tampa Bay      Tampa Bay Veg Fest
10/18-19  ON, Mississauga         ATF
10/18         MN, St. Paul       Women of Faith
10/10         MO, Columbia       Newsboys Tour
10/11         OH, Cincinnati     Newsboys Tour
10/19         IA, Davenport      Newsboys Tour
10/24-26  IN, Indianapolis        Joyce Meyer Conference
10/27         IA, Cedar Rapids        Steven Curtis Chapman
10/06         MA, Pittsfield     Kings and Queens Tour 2013
11/01         CT, Hartford       Women of Faith
11/01         PA, Blakely             Third Day
11/01         OK, Tulsa          Relient K
11/02         AR, Little Rock         Relient K
11/01-02  OH, Cleveland      ATF
11/08-09  CA, Anaheim             ATF
11/08         CA, Ontario             Winter Jam Tour
11/08          TN, Johnson City        Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/09         MD, Baltimore      Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/09         GA, Atlanta             Atlanta Veg Fest
11/09         NV, Las Vegas      Winter Jam Tour
11/10         AZ, Glendale       Winter Jam Tour
11/12         CA, Ontario             Hillsong United
11/14         NJ, Newark              Hillsong United
11/14         ID, Boise          Winter Jam Tour
11/15         OR, Portland       Winter Jam Tour
11/15         FL, Tampa          Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/15         MA, Boston              Hillsong United
11/16         PA, Pittsburgh     Hillsong United
11/16         CA, Sacramento     Winter Jam Tour
11/16         FL, West Palm Beach Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/17         FL, Jacksonville        Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/17         CA, Fresno              Winter Jam Tour
11/18         NC, Greensboro     Hillsong United
11/19         SC, Greenville     Hillsong United
11/21         NM, Rio Rancho     Winter Jam Tour
11/21         MO, Independence        Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/22         CO, Colorado Springs    Winter Jam Tour
11/22         FL, Tampa          Hillsong United
11/23         FL, Miami          Hillsong United
11/24         TX, Ft. Worth      Winter Jam Tour
11/24         TN, Nashville      National Youth Convention
11/24         AL, Huntsville     Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
11/26         TX, Houston             Hillsong United
11/29         TN, Nashville      Natalie Grant
12/05         PA, Reading             Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
12/07         NY, NYC            Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
12/12         OK, Tulsa          Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
12/15         IN, Indianapolis        Toby Mac’s Hits Deep Tour
Contact Lorena at lmucke@bellsouth.net if you can help. Nearly everyone has found leafleting effective, rewarding, and enjoyable. 

2. Essay: Willful Blindness, part 2
The studies conducted by Stanley Milgram of Yale University in the early 1960s are among the best known psychology experiments. They illustrate that obedience to authority often accounts for “willful blindness.”
Briefly, a volunteer subject was told that the experiment would study whether electric shocks could help people learn. This “teacher” thought he or she was delivering electric shocks to the “learner,” who was actually acting on behalf of the research team. The learner had to remember word pairs, and each incorrect answer led to ever increasing electric shocks. The teachers, who could hear but not see the learners, were nearly all distressed as the learner’s initial complaints of pain escalated to screams. In the initial experiment, all subjects wanted to stop, but they were told by another member of the experimental team that they must continue. 65% of subjects believed that they had delivered what they were told was the maximum shock – 450 volts.
Interestingly, Yale undergraduate psychology majors predicted that 0-3% of subjects would deliver the maximum voltage – roughly the percentage of psychopaths who are unable to feel empathy. Yet most subjects obeyed the instructions of the experimenters, even though they gained no reward for giving the maximum shock and were told that there was no penalty (they were paid $4 for their time) if they stopped at any time. In fact, in one variation, the “learner” mentioned that he had a heart condition, and as the shocks increased he begged the “teacher” to stop on that account. Even after the learner became silent, most teachers continued to administer shocks, following the researcher’s instructions.
Some of those who were skeptical of the research results suggested that participants might have known or suspected that the “learner” was acting. Subjects might have delivered the shocks because they believed that they really weren’t hurting anyone. Consequently, a different research team had a “fluffy puppy dog” receive electric shocks. I’ll talk about that experiment, and its implications, next week.
Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D. 

3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman
Increase Our Faith, O Lord

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