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CVA Weekly Newsletter
July 4, 2013

  1. Activist Feedback
  2. Essay: Problems with Institutions
  3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

1. Activist Feedback
John, who tabled at the Richmond Vegetarian Festival on June 15, writes:
It was a great event and I appreciate the chance to be involved with outreach for CVA both as a means to talk to people of faith about a vegetarian diet and also talk to vegetarians about faith.  Many other exhibitors, such as PETA, thanked CVA for being there. I met several people who were clearly on fire for God which was a humbling blessing.

Thank you for your support & work!
Upcoming Activist Opportunities
07/08         OH   Bellefontaine Sanctus Real
07/09         TN   Nashville     Royal Tailor @ Camp Electric
7/11-14   WI   Oshkosh       LifeFest 
07/12         NC   Kernersville  Jason Crabb
7/13      WA   Spokane       Third Day
7/14      OR   Bend          Third Day
7/16      CA   Sacramento         Third Day
07/17-20  MN   Willmar       Sonshine Festival 2013
07/19-21  NY   Hannibal      S.O.S. Fest
07/21         MI   Hopkins       Point of Grace
07/20         FL   Daytona Beach The Take Over Tour
7/21-20   IA   Cedar Falls        Promise Keepers Men's Conference
07/27         SC   Duncan        Red, White, Blue & You Jason Crabb and Sisters
7/28      OH   Toledo        Jeremy Camp
7/31-8/3 NH   Gilford       SoulFest
8/01      WV   Charleston         Need to Breathe
8/02      TX   Midland       Third Day
08/02         GA   Norcross      Victory World Music Worship Concert
08/03         NH   Gilford       SoulFest – Sanctus Real
8/7-10    WA   Enumclaw      CreationFest 
8/08      IA   Des Moines         Casting Crowns
8/16      NC   Asheville     Casting Crowns
08/17         FL   Tampa              Tabling – Total Wellness Health Fair
8/18      VA   Williamsburg  Third Day
8/23          MI   Battle Creek  Promise Keepers Men's Conference
08/24         OR   Portland      Point of Grace
8/30-9/1  SD   Worthing      The Lifelight Festival
9/07      FL   Orlando       Casting Crowns
9/12      NY   New York      Third Day
09/14         AZ   Phoenix       Point of Grace
9/20          OK   Tulsa              Promise Keepers Men's Conference
9/21      IL   Chicago       VeganMania
9/28      DC   Washington         DC Veg Fest
09/28         TX   Tyler              Point of Grace
10/25     FL   Daytona       Promise Keepers Men's Conference
11/01         PA   Blakely       Third Day
11/09         GA   Atlanta        Atlanta Veg Fest
International event:
7/19-20    Toronto CANADA  Echo Beach Beruna Music Festival

2. Essay: Problems with Institutions
As discussed last week, institutions can be vehicles for communal efforts that can do much good. However, there are inherent problems with institutions, which can steer the best of institutions off course.
1. The problem of leadership. All institutions require administration by humans, and even the most caring and compassionate people have hopes, fears, and desires (many of which we are unaware of) that can undermine the work. For example, is the plan to expand the physical plant a thoughtful decision based on clear need, or does it largely reflect a leader’s desire to having a lasting tribute to that leader’s governance? Is the opposition to another person’s plan due to problems with that plan, or to dislike of that person?
2. The problem of succession. There is no perfect, and perhaps not even a good, formula to make sure that the lofty goals of those who founded a given institution will be shared by those who become subsequent leaders.
3. The problem of resources. Once an institution obtains things of value, such as a building or an endowment, there will be people vying to control those resources. Their aims may not be avaricious or otherwise malevolent, but they will often care deeply about how those resources are used and find themselves in bitter conflict with those who have different ideas. This is particularly true among people whose gifts of money, time, or effort have helped the institution to thrive.
Next week, I will offer a Girardian perspective on how institutions relate to the scapegoating process.
Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman
Keep Going in Hope

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