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CVA Weekly Newsletter
April 3, 2013

  1. Activist Feedback
  2. Essay: How Are We Created in God’s Image? part 2
  3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman
  4. Veggie Brothers Is for Sale

1. Activist Feedback

Rick, who leafleted with friends at Winter Jam in Springfield, MO, writes:

Chip, Don, and I gave out 3100 booklets, mostly to kids.  It was 70 degrees out and very pleasant leafleting.  This was the first time for Don to ever leaflet.

Upcoming Activist Opportunities
4/13           IL Springfield                Mathew West
4/12-13     CA Sacramento              Acquire the Fire Relentless Pursuit 
4/12-13     AL Birmingham               Extraordinary Women's Conference  
4/12-13     TN Sevierville                Women of Joy Conference 
4/13          MT Billings                    Celebrate What Matters: Up Close  
4/13          CA Pasadena                  Revolve Tour: This is Love   
4/13-14      NJ East Rutherford         Acquire the Fire Relentless Pursuit 
4/19-20       WA Kirkland                  Revolve Tour: This is Love  
4/19-20     FL Pensacola                    Women Conference 
4/19-20     OK Oklahoma City              Women of Joy Conference 
4/19-20    OR Eugene                      Acquire the Fire Relentless Pursuit 
4/19-20    FL Tampa                       Acquire the Fire Relentless Pursuit 
4/20          TN Knoxville                  TABLE EarthFest 2013
4/20/13    AZ Mesa                            WOF Celebrate What Matters: Up Close  
4/21         CA San Diego                  San Diego Earth Fair  
4/25-27      VA Hampton                    Joyce Meyers Conference 
4/25         KS Wichita                      WOF Celebrate What Matters: Up Close
4/26-27      MI Lansing                       Acquire the Fire Relentless Pursuit 
4/26-27      CO Denver                          Acquire the Fire Relentless Pursuit 
4/26-27      MO Branson                       Women of Joy Conference 
4/26-27     CO Arvada                              WOF Revolve Tour: This Love
4/27            ID Coeur D'alene              Leeland Christian Concert
4/27              TX Palladium                     NEEDTOBREATHE: Drive All Night Tour 2013
4/28          TX Austin                             NEEDTOBREATHE: Drive All Night Tour 2013
4/29        OK Tulsa                                  NEEDTOBREATHE: Drive All Night Tour 2013
5/1          MN Minneapolis                    NEEDTOBREATHE: Drive All Night Tour 2013
5/2          MN Minneapolis               Mathew West
5/19        CA Lake Balboa                 TABLE WorldFest 2013 Earth Day Festival
Contact Lorena at lmucke@bellsouth.net if you might be able to help leaflet.

2. Essay: How Are We Created in God’s Image? part 2

Many people think that what makes humans created in God’s “image” are the intellectual skills that are distinctive among humans. We are indeed very clever, and human ingenuity has allowed humans to populate and dominate nearly every land mass on earth. In the short-term, human intellect has allowed our population to increase exponentially. Whether or not human intellect is adaptive in the long-term is not so clear. We are wreaking havoc on the environment that sustains us and we have developed powerful weapons that threaten our species, as well as many other species.

Since our intellect might or might not be desirable, it raises doubts about whether our intellect is what defines humanity as created in God’s “image.” Another cause for caution is that humans have a tendency to elevate whatever they think makes them distinctive into something that, they believe, makes them “better.” We see this repeatedly among people of different ethnicities, who generally regard themselves as “superior” based on attributes they believe are distinctive to their group.

Another difficult related to identifying humanity’s relation to God with intellect is that there are many people with mental disabilities, for example due to congenital defects, trauma, or dementia, who lack these skills. Are these people not in God’s image? Does their moral standing diminish in proportion to their disabilities?

Nonhumans also have mental skills, some of which are quite remarkable. For example, squirrels remember where they have hidden scores of nuts. Birds remember the paths they took in migrations of thousands of miles. Nonhumans are called to make difficult decisions every day, assessing needs, desires, and risks before choosing courses of action. Scientists are continuously discovering new, remarkable skills among nonhumans, prompting humans to search for ways that humans are “unique.” For example, some people have noted that only humans can draw themselves. A skeptic might reply, “But why would any nonhuman want to do this?” All creatures have skills that allow them to survive in challenging environments; only humans claim that their set of skills makes them “superior.” Are humans really better, or are humans just arrogant?

Next week I will relate what I think it means to be made in the image of God.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

3. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

Our Resurrection Promise

4. Veggie Brothers Is for Sale

I can attest that Veggie Brothers www.veggiebrothers.com vegan meals are tasty and nutritious, but the owner is selling the business.

The company has gross sales of about $125,000 and features 200 recipes. The asking price is $75,000, and the owner says “business systems and production capabilities make the business very scalable for larger growth”.

For more information contact Michael at 201-954-0055 or michael@veggiebrothers.com.  

Your question and comments are welcome

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