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CVA Weekly Newsletter
January 30, 2013

  1. Activist Feedback
  2. Book Review: Animals and World Religions, ed. by Lisa Kemmerer

1. Activist Feedback

Super-activist Rick Hershey, who leafleted at Winter Jam in Kansas City, writes:

I handed out 1200 booklets to a young and receptive crowd as usual at the event this evening.  One woman accepted a booklet from me and then gave it back saying that her husband is a pastor.  I said that her husband might be interested in it, so she took it back from me.

Upcoming Activist Opportunities

2/7                   NC Fayetteville        Winter Jam
2/8                   SC Greenville           Winter Jam
2/9                   TN Nashville             Winter Jam
2/10                 GA  Atlanta                        Winter Jam
2/14                 GA Augusta                       Winter Jam
2/15                 TN Knoxville                   Winter Jam
2/16                 NC Greensboro              Winter Jam
2/17                 VA Norfolk               Winter Jam Christian Concert
2/21                 VA Fairfax                Third Day Christian Rock Concert
2/22                 OH Cincinnati           Winter Jam Christian Concert
2/23                 IL Chicago                            Winter Jam Christian Concert
2/24                 MO St. Louis                  Winter Jam
3/2                   OK Oklahoma City    Winter am Christian Concert
3/3                   TN Memphis                    Winter am Christian Concert
3/7                   MS Tupelo                 Winter Jam Christian Concert
3/10                 AR Little Rock           Winter Jam
3/28                 MO Springfield          Winter Jam
3/29                 KS Wichita                 Winter Jam
5/19                 CA Lake Balboa         TABLE WorldFest 2013 Earth Day Festival
Contact Paris at christian_vegetarian@yahoo.com if you can help. To find out about all upcoming leafleting and tabling opportunities in your area, join the CVA Calendar Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/christian_vegetarian/.

2. Book Review: Animals and World Religions, ed. by Lisa Kemmerer

2012, Oxford University Press, $35
(reviewed by Frank and Mary Hoffman)

Animals and World Religions is a very interesting and information packed book, which is written in an easily readable form and at the same time is serves as a text book and reference source of the historical and practiced way religions view animals.

Lisa Kemmerer coins the word "anymals" meaning no-human animals, and uses it throughout the book to simplify which is being referenced.

For us, one of the most interesting features of the book was the very thorough discussion on aboriginal religions, and how they all recognize that they and the anymals are spiritually created alike and deserve to be treated with compassion, which to us positively shows that all peoples, cultures, and religions really knew the truth. However, at the same time, aboriginal cultures created myths to justify the killing of the animals, as if the anymals freely give their lives to the human hunters.

Throughout the remainder of Animals and World Religions, we see that all the major religions also had their foundational belief rooted in this peaceful coexistence that was created to be between all the animals of the world, including the environment in which we all live. And as with the aboriginal societies, they also corrupted themselves to justify the exploitation of anymals, and they "hide" the fact about their foundational beliefs in their modern day teachings. The worst case of this distortion of the truth exists in the justification of factory farming and commercial fishing, which Lisa Kemmerer also discusses.

We highly recommend Animals and World Religions to everyone as a reference guide, for we all know religious people and need to be knowledgeable when discussing with other people the need for all of us to return to the golden age of peaceful living for all inhabitants of the world.


About the Author: Lisa Kemmerer (B.A. in international studies, Reed College; M.T.S. in comparative religions, Harvard University School; Ph.D. in philosophy, University of Glasgow, Scotland) is a philosopher-activist, artist, and lover of wild places, who has hiked, biked, kayaked, backpacked, and traveled widely. She is the author and editor of several books, and is currently associate professor of philosophy and religion at Montana State University, Billings.

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