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3 August 2011

1.  Become a CVA Sustaining Member!

2. Activist Feedback

3. Commentary on the Lectionary – Matthew 15:22-33: Staying Afloat

4. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

1. Become a CVA Sustaining Member!

To become a Sustaining Member, go to our membership page, and fill out the form, which will take you to the dues-paying section. Or, you can send a check to CVA, PO Box 201791, Cleveland, OH 44120. Donations to the CVA are tax-deductible.

Benefits include receiving the daily e-note. Here’s what one Sustaining Member had to say:

I also don’t know how I would survive without Lorena Mucke’s daily “Take Heart!” message. Her column is always well written and contains very helpful information, cross references, and excellent recipes.

2. Activist Feedback

Sharon, who leafleted at the Polish Fest in Milwaukee in June, writes:

We were at the event on Saturday evening the 18th and Sunday morning the 19th. We distributed almost 3 boxes.

I must say I was very surprised at how responsive people were. We approached people as telling them that we just want to make you aware of our food is coming from, how many foods are contaminated without us knowing, and most of all how God created us to take care of His Creatures.

Again I was so surprised that in a total of 8 hours, no one at all gave us a hard time about anything. I can’t wait for this weekend with Festa Italiana.

Upcoming Outreach Opportunities

8/4-14 WI West Allis Wisconsin State Fair

8/10 IN Indianapolis Third Day @ Indiana State Fair

8/10 IN South Bend World Pulse Festival Christian Music Fest

8/11 CA Marysville Relient K Christian Rock Concert

8/11-13 MI Muskegon Unity Festival

8/12-13 NE Omaha Women Of Faith Conference

8/12-13 GA Atlanta Women Of Faith Conference

8/12-14 CA Anaheim Harvest Crusade

8/12 AL Huntsville The Hoppers Gospel Tour

8/12 AR ALMA Casting Crowns Christian Concert

8/13 TN Chattanooga The Hoppers Gospel Tour

8/13 KS Kansas City Farm Aid 2011

8/13 OH Bowling Green Tenth Avenue North Christian Rock Concert

8/14 MI Clarkston Third Day Christian Rock Concert

8/19-20 IN Indianapolis Women Of Faith Conference

8/20 NE Kearney Casting Crowns Christian Concert

8/20 OR Gresham FishFest Christian Music Fest

8/21 CO Denver Casting Crowns Christian Concert

8/22 KY Louisville Tenth Avenue North Christian Rock Concert

10/8-9 MS Biloxi TABLE Gulf Coast Street Fest

8/25-9/5 MO Branson Southern Gospel Picnic

8/26-27 TX Dallas Women Of Faith Conference

8/26-27 DC Washington Women Of Faith Conference

8/27 KY Paducah Brandon Heath Christian Concert

9/1-2 PA Pittsburgh Benny Hinn Miracle Services

9/2-4 SD Sioux Falls Lifelight Christian Music Festival

9/9-10 CA Anaheim Women Of Faith Conference

9/9-10 PA Philadelphia Women of Faith Conference

9/10 PA Philadelphia GreenFest Philly

9/10 CA Los Angeles Harvest Crusade

9/15-17 MO St. Louis Love Life Women's Conference- Joyce Meyers-

9/16-17 WA Spokane Women Of Faith Conference

9/16-19 MO Kirkwood Greentree Festival

9/17 OH Mt Vernon SonFest 2011 Christina Rock Festival

9/17-18 MO Kirkwood TABLE 2011 Kirkwood Greentree Festival

9/23-24 VA Middleburg Awakening Festival Christian Music Festival

9/23-24 AZ Phoenix Women Of Faith Conference

9/25-26 IL Belleville Our Lady of the Snows Youth Day Celebration

9/29-10/1 TX Dallas Benny Hinn Miracle Conference

9/29-10/1 GA Atlanta Joyce Meyers Ministries Conference

9/30-10/2 CA San Diego National Youth Workers Convention

10/1-2 CA San Francisco TABLE World Vegetarian Festival

10/7-8 VA Lynchburg Extraordinary Women's Conference

10/7-8 CO Co. Springs Hearts @ Home- Mom Revolution Women's Conference

10/7-8 MA Amherst Acquire the Fire Christian Youth Conference

10/13-15 CA Long Beach Joyce Meyers Ministries Conference

10/14-15 IN Fort Wayne Extraordinary Women Conference

10/21-22 MS Tupelo Extraordinary Women Conference

10/29-30 MA Boston Boston Vegetarian Food Festival TABLE

11/3-5 OH Cleveland Joyce Meyers Ministries Conference

11/4-5 IL Rockford Extraordinary Women Conference

11/4-5 MN Rochester Hearts @ Home Mom Revolution Conference

11/18-20 GA Atlanta National Youth Workers Convention

3. Commentary on the Lectionary

Matthew 15:22-33: Staying Afloat

This passage relates the story in which Peter walks on the water until he becomes afraid and starts to sink. Jesus saves Peter and declares, “O man of little faith, why did you doubt?” A literal reading of this account reveals, I think, a straightforward message: Jesus protects those who have faith in him. Not everyone finds this account satisfactory, however.

There are many people who have experienced great tragedies despite having had devout faith. To suggest that their faith must not have been strong enough is cruel, because it blames them for their misfortune; and it is self-serving, because it gives a sense of security to onlookers who (I think falsely) believe that their greater faith protects them. Further, the notion that Jesus protects those who have faith seems unfair to those who are incapable of faith, including young children and nonhuman beings; and to those who have little or no opportunity for Christian faith, such as those raised in non-Christian households.

I suggest that faith is not an insurance policy, but rather a worldview that can (among many things) help us survive during difficult times. Despite the apparent randomness and insensitivity of the universe, it is possible to believe that a creative God wants beings to flourish. This belief can give direction and purpose to our lives and help us withstand, as Shakespeare put it, “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” However, in times of crisis, it is possible for even the most devout people to have their faith shaken. This is one reason that Christianity is a communal faith and not just an individual creed. We need communities to remind us that there is love and support in the world, particularly when the entire world seems dark and life seems pointless.

It is tempting to sink into despair when we see so much suffering in the world. Jesus taught that, with faith, we can stay afloat.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

4. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

The Lord’s Heart Aches Too!

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