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Update Newsletters
15 June 2011 Issue

1. Activist Feedback

2. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

3. Comments on Two Movies: Forks Over Knives and Food, Inc.

4. Essay: How Much Is Global Warming Due to Animal Agriculture?

1. Activist Feedback

David, who leafleted at Disciples/Newsboys concert Cypress (Houston),TX on April 28, writes:

Booklets: WJEMT 300 given out

Thanks to Lorena and Paris, I gave out the entire of box of booklets I received (I worked this event alone). I arrived about 45 minutes before the concert was scheduled to begin. There was a small but steady stream of attendees in front of the main doors.

I immediately stood right in front of the main doors since I could hand booklets to folks coming from the left and right side parking areas. Within 40 minutes I had given out the entire box and probably could have given out a second box of 300.

Only one older gentleman returned the booklet (which I thanked him for), which quickly when into another person's hands. Most concertgoers were very friendly and seemed happy to get the booklet. Only a few said "No thanks" or ignored my outstretched hand. I tried to concentrate on young people but understandably parents wanted to vet the material, so about 25% when to parents. I tried to also give to their kids too so they could keep a copy if their parents didn't.

I look forward to future opportunities to do the same. I was happy to serve and hope we opened some hearts last night.

Upcoming Outreach Opportunities

6/23-25 MI Iona Big Ticket Festival Christian Rock Fest

6/25 ME Portland TABLE Vegetarian Food Festival

6/26 MI Clarkston Steven Curtis Chapman Christian Concert

6/26 MI Clarkston Jars Of Clay Christian Rock Concert

7/5-8 OH Cincinnati TABLE Church Turning the World Upside

7/9 IL Normal Jars Of Clay @ CornBelters Christian Family Day Baseball!

7/10-15 KY Grayson Summer in the Son - Jr. High

7/15 NC Raleigh Joel Olsteen: A Night of Hope Conference

7/16-17 SD Rapid City Hills Alive Music Festival

7/21-23 NY Albany Joyce Meyers Ministries Conference

7/21-24 WI Milwaukee Festa Italiana

7/23-25 GA Atlanta Women 'N Power Conference

7/27-30 TN Nashville Immerse 2011

7/30 CO Loveland HeavenFest Christian Music Fest

7/28-31 WI Milwaukee GermanFest

8/3-6 NH Gilford SoulFest Christian Music Festival

8/4-6 PA Hershey Joyce Meyers Minsitries Conference

8/4-14 WI West Allis Wisconsin State Fair

8/6 IL Chicago Joel Olsteen: A Night of Hope Conference

8/7 NC Asheville TABLE VegFest

8/12-13 NE Omaha Women Of Faith Conference

8/12-13 GA Atlanta Women Of Faith Conference

8/12-14 CA Anaheim Harvest Crusade

8/13 KS Kansas City Farm Aid 2011

8/19-20 IN Indianapolis Women Of Faith Conference

8/25-9/5 MO Branson Southern Gospel Picnic

8/26-27 TX Dallas Women Of Faith Conference

8/26-27 DC Washington Women Of Faith Conference

9/9-10 CA Anaheim Women Of Faith Conference

9/10 PA Philadelphia GreenFest Philly

9/10 CA Los Angeles Harvest Crusade

9/15-17 MO St. Louis Love Life Women's Conference- Joyce Meyers-

9/16-17 WA Spokane Women Of Faith Conference

9/16-19 MO Kirkwood Greentree Festival

9/17 OH Mt Vernon SonFest 2011 Christina Rock Festival


9/23-24 VA Middleburg Awakening Festival Christian Music Festival

9/29-10/1 GA Atlanta Joyce Meyers Ministries Conference

9/30-10/2 CA San Diego National Youth Workers Convention

10/7-8 VA Lynchburg Extraordinary Women's Conference

10/7-8 CO Colorado Springs Hearts @ Home- Mom Revolution Women's Conference

10/7-8 MA Amherst Acquire the Fire Christian Youth Conference

10/13-15 CA Long Beach Joyce Meyers Ministries Conference

10/14-15 IN Fort Wayne Extraordinary Women Conference

10/21-22 MS Tupelo Extraordinary Women Conference

10/29-30 MA Boston Boston Vegetarian Food Festival TABLE

11/3-5 OH Cleveland Joyce Meyers Ministries Conference

11/4-5 IL Rockford Extraordinary Women Conference

11/4-5 MN Rochester Hearts @ Home Mom Revolution Conference

11/18-20 GA Atlanta National Youth Workers Convention

International Events:

7/22-24 CANADA Ontario Burlington Burlington Jazz'n Blues Festival

Contact Paris at christian_vegetarian@yahoo.com if you can help. To find out about all upcoming leafleting and tabling opportunities in your area, join the CVA Calendar Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/christian_vegetarian/ .

2. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

A Loving and Convicting Call

3. Comments on Two Movies: Forks Over Knives and Food, Inc.

Though I’m quite familiar with the documentary Forks Over Knives’ content, I thought it was exceptionally well done. It makes a compelling case for the health benefits of a whole-food, plant-based diet. It gives defenders of the animal agriculture industries a chance to make their claims, which pale beside the powerful scientific evidence of Drs. Esselstyn, Campbell, and others, as well as the poignant personal stories of people whose lives were saved by plant-based diets. This video is perfect for family members who don’t share our compassion for animals.

Food, Inc. is a powerful indictment of modern, industrialized food production, particularly animal-based foods. However, I object to the film’s endorsement of “sustainable” meat producers. For an excellent critique of such farms, search online for “Green” Eggs and Ham? The Myth of Sustainable Meat and the Danger of the Local by Vasile Stanescu.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

4. Essay: How Much Is Global Warming Due to Animal Agriculture?

[This essay was prepared for distribution at the upcoming General Synod of the United Church of Christ. Comments and suggestions to cva@christianveg.org  are appreciated.]

When environmentalists talk about what we need to do address global warming, they rarely emphasize, and often don’t even mention, moving toward a plant-based diet. Yet doing so is one of the most important things each of us can do to reduce our greenhouse gas footprint. The 2006 United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report Livestock’s Long Shadow concluded that animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of human-derived greenhouse gasses – more than cars, trucks, and airplanes combined.

Actually, this 18% figure might be a gross underestimate. A 2009 analysis by Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang published in World Watch entitled “Livestock and Climate Change” concluded that at least 51% of human-derived greenhouse gasses derive from animal agriculture. By necessity, this report included estimates, and I offer a brief critical review of Goodland and Anhang’s article. I conclude that there is good reason to believe that far more than 18% of human-derived greenhouse gasses come from animal agriculture.

The Analysis

Many gasses have different degrees of greenhouse effects, that is, they trap heat leaving the earth and give the atmosphere its warmth. In order to “compare apples to apples,” the FAO calculated the greenhouse effect potency of different gasses compared to CO2, or “CO2 equivalents” (CO2e). The FAO estimated that animal agriculture adds 7,516 million tons of CO2e to the atmosphere each year. Goodland and Anhang argued that the FAO did not include 8,769 million tons CO2e added to the atmosphere by livestock breathing out CO2. The FAO did not include this source of CO2 because the amount of CO2 that farmed animals breathe out is roughly equivalent to the amount of CO2 taken from the atmosphere by the plants which the animals eat. However, if the farmed animals had not eaten those plants, there would be a steady increase in CO2 sequestration as farmland returned to forests. Further, continued intensive farming designed to provide feed for farmed animals releases carbon sequestered in soil.

Methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, but it has a significantly shorter half-life in the atmosphere. The FAO calculation adjusted methane to a CO2e value by lowering methane’s short-term impact but lengthening the methane effect over a longer duration. However, by reducing the short-term CO2e for methane, the FAO did not account for global warming positive feedback loops. For example, as methane and other greenhouse gasses increase global temperatures, polar ice melts. This converts ice, which reflects 70-80% of the sun’s light back into space, into water, which absorbs most of the sun’s light energy and reflects less than 10%. Warmer water and air then melt more ice. Goodland and Anhang’s adjustment for methane increased its CO2e by 5,047 million tons annually.

There are several other considerations, of which I will mention a few. Goodland and Anhang noted that the FAO used 2002 data on world tonnage of farmed animals, but this tonnage has increased rapidly since then. They estimate that the growth of the tonnage of farmed animals has contributed an additional 2,560 million tons CO2e. Goodland and Anhang also noted that the FAO overlooked other significant sources of greenhouse gasses attributable to animal agriculture, including farmed fish; fluorocarbons to cool meat, dairy, and eggs; cooking (meat typically entails higher temperatures and longer durations than plant foods); disposal of liquid and solid wastes of livestock; production, distribution, and disposal of packaging for animal products (which for sanitary reasons is generally much more extensive than for plant-based products); and carbon-intensive medical treatment of diseases related to consuming animals, including infectious organisms derived from farmed animals, and heart disease and other conditions related to consuming animal products. Goodland and Anhang estimated that these other categories add over 8,500 million tons CO2e annually.

I think that it is clear that, if we aim to avert an environmental crisis due to global warming, moving toward a plant-based diet must be a part of the effort.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

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