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8 June 2011 Issue

1. Book Review: The Ultimate Vegan Guide by Erik Marcus

2. Activist Feedback

3. Essay: Christianity and Animal Rights, Concluded

4. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

5. The June Issue of The Peaceable Table Is Now Online

1. Book Review

The Ultimate Vegan Guide by Erik Marcus

The author of the powerful and effective book Meat Market has written another important book. The Ultimate Vegan Guide shows how transitioning to a vegan diet is really quite easy and can be a very enjoyable experience. He offers loads of specific, helpful advice, including ways to get over the “I could never be a vegan” barrier. Most of the book is dedicated to such practical matters as nutrition, cooking, and where to go for good vegan food – both fast food and fine dining. With just enough humor to make the book fun to read, Marcus’ concise guide is a much needed primer for new and aspiring vegans. One of the many reasons I admire Erik Marcus is that he is totally dedicated to helping people become vegan. Toward that end, he has offered the book at the rock-bottom price of only 99 cents for the Amazon.com Kindle version, and a hard copy of the book is only $8.95 at Amazon.com.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

2. Activist Feedback

Darina, who leafleted with Jon at the Newsboys Winter Jam Tour in Peoria, IL on April 3, writes: Jon and distributed 366 CVA Would Jesus Eat Meat Today? booklets. We will keep our remaining booklets for the next leafleting opportunity in our area. Between the two of us, we spent about an hour and a half leafleting. Again, please make any donations to Justice For Animals - Thank you so much!

Upcoming Activist Opportunities

6/15-18 KY Wilmore Icthus Music Festival

6/15-18 GA Atlanta AtlantaFest Christian Rock Fest

6/17-19 WI Milwaukee Polish Fest

6/18 CA Mountain View TABLE Kids Green Conference

6/19 VA Richmond TABLE Richmond Vegetarian Festival

6/19-24 KY Grayson Summer in the Son - High School

6/23-25 MI Iona Big Ticket Festival Christian Rock Fest

6/23-25 GA Atlanta Women 'N Power Conference

6/25 MA Portland TABLE Vegetarian Food Festival

7/5-8 OH Cincinnati TABLE Church Turning the World Upside

7/10-15 KY Grayson Summer in the Son - Jr. High

7/15 NC Raleigh Joel Olsteen: A Night of Hope Conference

7/16-17 SD Rapid City Hills Alive Music Festival

7/21-23 NY Albany Joyce Meyers Ministries Conference

7/21-24 WI Milwaukee Festa Italiana

7/28-31 WI Milwaukee GermanFest

8/3-6 NH Gilford SoulFest Christian Music Festival

8/4-6 PA Hershey Joyce Meyers Minsitries Conference

8/4-14 WI West Allis Wisconsin State Fair

8/6 IL Chicago Joel Olsteen: A Night of Hope Conference

8/7 NC Asheville TABLE VegFest

8/12-13 NE Omaha Women Of Faith Conference

8/12-13 GA Atlanta Women Of Faith Conference

8/12-14 CA Anaheim Harvest Crusade

8/13 KS Kansas City Farm Aid 2011

8/19-20 IN Indianapolis Women Of Faith Conference

8/25-9/5 MO Branson Southern Gospel Picnic

8/26-27 TX Dallas Women Of Faith Conference

8/26-27 DC Washington Women Of Faith Conference

9/9-10 CA Anaheim Women Of Faith Conference

9/10 PA Philadelphia GreenFest Philly

9/10 CA Los Angeles Harvest Crusade

9/15-17 MO St. Louis Love Life Women's Conference- Joyce Meyers-

9/16-17 WA Spokane Women Of Faith Conference

9/17-18 MO Kirkwood TABLE 2011 Kirkwood Greeentree Festival

9/23-24 VA Middleburg Awakening Festival Christian Music Festival

9/29-10/1 GA Atlanta Joyce Meyers Ministries Conference

9/30-10/2 CA San Diego National Youth Workers Convention

10/7-8 VA Lynchburg Extraordinary Women's Conference

10/7-8 MA Amherst Acquire the Fire Christian Youth Conference

10/13-15 CA Long Beach Joyce Meyers Ministries Conference

10/14-15 IN Fort Wayne Extraordinary Women Conference

10/21-22 MS Tupelo Extraordinary Women Conference

11/3-5 OH Cleveland Joyce Meyers Ministries Conference

11/4-5 IL Rockford Extraordinary Women Conference

11/18-20 GA Atlanta National Youth Workers Convention

International Events:

7/22-24 CANADA ON Burlington Burlington Jazz'n Blues Festival 

Contact Paris at christian_vegetarian@yahoo.com if you can help. To find out about all upcoming leafleting and tabling opportunities in your area, join the CVA Calendar Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/christian_vegetarian/ .

3. Essay: Christianity and Animal Rights, Concluded

This week, I will conclude my reflections on how we harm ourselves when we deny rights to nonhuman beings. Denial of rights invariably involves denial of kinship, and such denial of kinship alienates us from the nonhuman world. Many people find great inner peace when among nonhuman friends. However, if we treat most animals with violence and contempt, then any outward showing of friendliness toward them is a sham.

Finally, our faith teaches that God’s ideal is a peaceful, harmonious world. We can derive a sense of meaning and direction in life by working toward this ideal. Regarding animals as “other” and worthy of abuse is incompatible with this worldview. Further, it can easily lead to a sense that life consists of struggles toward largely meaningless goals. What good is wealth and power when life is short and all wealth and power evaporates at death? What sense of meaning can be found in momentary pleasures? How content can one be if one knows, at some level of consciousness, that these brief pleasures cost other innocent individuals pain, suffering, and their very lives? In contrast, I think that participating in the reconciliation of all creation is an important life project. It gives life direction and purpose, which are crucial to a general sense of satisfaction and peace-of-mind.

This ends my essays on Christianity and animal rights. I don’t think Christian scriptures explicitly demand endorsement of animal rights. However, I do think that adoption of an ethic that respects animals’ rights not to be abused by humans is essential for the full realization of the moral, spiritual, and practical goals to which Jesus directed his disciples.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

4. This Week’s Sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

He Is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, But Is He Mine?


5. The June Issue of The Peaceable Table Is Now Online

Contents include:

* The Guest Editorial for June, "Under Her Wings: The Pollomorphic God," discusses the Biblical imagery of God as a mother chicken or other bird. This is a previously unpublished essay by Carol J. Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat, Living Among Meat Eaters, and other books and essays.

* A jackdaw in northeast England chooses a human boy, Emmanuel Adams, for his best friend in this month's Glimpse of the Peaceable Kingdom.

* Henry Steel Olcott, agronomist, Army investigator, ghost hunter, and co-founder of the Theosophical Society, was a 19th century Pioneer of vegetarianism.

* The June Poetry selection is "I No Longer Steal From Nature," by Al-Ma'arri, a blind Syrian poet who embraced a vegan lifestyle a thousand years ago.

May Divine love move us all to lessen the suffering of the afflicted, and increase the happiness of creation.

Gracia Fay Ellwood, Editor

To read this issue, go to http://www.vegetarianfriends.net/issue77.html .

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