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Update Newsletters
3 February 2008 Issue

1. Activist Opportunity

2. Comment on Hemp Oil


1. Activist Opportunity

CVA volunteers we need you!

The CVA has many great opportunities to share our message throughout the year at “Focus on the Nation 2008” events, which focus on global warming. Numerous environmental and religious institutions are participating around the US, and we are looking for volunteers who’d like to be involved either by leafleting, tabling or sharing literature with already participating groups.

To see what’s going on in your area, please visit http://www.focusthenation.org/actionmap/ .

On this page you can enter your zip code and see a list of participating groups. Alternatively, you can contact your local church and find out if they would be willing to participate in this movement by letting you have a table in between services, or by allowing you to leave CVA booklets at their informational/”take-one” table.

Our booklet “Are We Good Stewards of God’s Creation?” shows that animal agriculture is a major contributor to global warming, which makes it very appropriate for distributing at “Focus on the Nation 2008” events.

If interested, please contact Lorena at lmucke@bellsouth.net 

Thank you!

2. Comment on Hemp Oil

In response to last week’s article on purported health benefits of hempseed oil, Rick Hershey writes:

While I am unfamiliar with most of the health claims attributed to hemp in Reben’s article, I do think that the current generally accepted thinking is that the ideal Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio is 4:1, and that the American diet’s ratio is too high. Eating fish is a common way to address this imbalance, and vegetarians often have a worse ratio than fish-eaters.

Hempseed oil, a vegan product with a ratio of 3:1, will help correct the problem ratio when included in the vegetarian diet. Only very few other plant foods – flaxseed (1:4), chia seed (1:3), rapeseed (canola) oil (2:1) and camelina oil (2:1) – help reduce this ratio for vegetarians. http://www.veganhealth.org/articles/fat 

If only for this reason, I think hempseed should be recommended, especially for vegetarians. Also hempseed is more palatable than flax (and fish oil).

Hempseed production has other advantages. It is much more environmentally friendly than most crops, because hemp is less reliant on herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer, and irrigation, and hemp can grow in areas less suitable for other crops. Also, hemp has a dramatically shorter growth period than trees (it could replace wood in the paper industry). Finally, hempseed oil provides an attractive alternative to petroleum-based fuels, an environmentally unfriendly resource that is running out. 

Your question and comments are welcome

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