Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Vegetarians are “weak in faith”: Rom. 14:1

(Excerpt of CVA’s responses to some frequent biblicallly based objections to our position)

Paul wrote to the Romans that “the weak man eats only vegetables” (14:2). At that time, Jews were banned from Rome, and a kosher butcher would have been arrested. Unable to obtain kosher meat, many Jews abstained from meat altogether, for fear of eating meat that had been offered to a pagan god. Paul maintained that eating meat, even if offered to idols, was not a spiritual concern, because the pagan gods didn’t exist. Only the “weak in faith” failed to appreciate that sacrifices to fictitious gods were meaningless.

Paul said that meat-eaters should not condemn those who abstain, and vice versa (14:3). It appears that Paul wrote this to the Romans because Paul was concerned about differences on diet dividing the church. Paul was not justifying meat-eating per se, and this passage certainly does not endorse factory farming.

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