Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Telling Kids Where Their Meat Comes From… Just Not Truthfully

Kids are awesome! They have a sense of compassion that sadly society numbs as they grow unless people around them, especially the parents, foster this sense. This article on Parenting magazine helps parents deal with the question “Where does meat come from?”

The author, Kristin Courtmanche, recognizes the truth saddens kids. She states, "For many of us, eating meat is a regular, not particularly thought-provoking habit. But for kids, realizing their food was a fellow creature can cause reactions ranging from surprise to sorrow."

However, the author of the article encourages parents to sugar-coat the truth, essentially lying, by telling kids that animals weren’t afraid and died quickly to become their dinner, which is far from the truth.

Please visit Teaching Kids Where Meat Comes From.

God’s animals don’t want to suffer or die. They avoid pain at all costs and fight for their lives much like we would do if we were in their position. Life in factory farm is filled with pain and abuse, and death in a slaughterhouse is violent and not quick. Telling kids that animals don’t suffer or that they are not afraid is blatantly lying to them in order to allow them to continue eating animals without much remorse. It also helps the parents who tell these lies to continue compartmentalizing and excusing their habit of eating farm animals, which only perpetuates a cycle of pain and death that brings devastation to all of God’s creation: humans, animals and the environment.