Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Undercover Videos Might Lead to a Change of Heart

Undercover videos of factory farms and slaughterhouses are very hard to watch due to the brutality inflicted on the animals; however, many people upon learning the reality of raising animals for food due to watching an undercover video, choose to go vegan. This is the case of UFC heavyweight legend Mark Hunt, known as the “Super Samoan,” who is now one of the many professional athletes who have adopted a vegan diet. He shares he made the decision after watching footage from an undercover investigation by Last Chance for Animals revealing the horrific abuse of pigs at Christensen Farms.

Please visit UFC Heavyweight Goes Vegan After Watching Undercover Video.

Of course watching undercover videos is very upsetting, but they provide much exposure of industries that are merciless to God’s animals. The truth is empowering and helps us have a change of heart.