Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

New USDA Pork Inspection Program a Failure

USDA inspectors are speaking up and condemning the new USDA pork inspection program, known as HIMP, which features new sped-up line and fewer inspectors. The problem is that at the high speed the lines move, thereís just not enough time to inspect carcasses correctly. Of course, this is a move by pork producers so they regulate themselves without outside interference. In the words of an inspector, ďItís not whether or not people are going to eat shit ó they are. Itís just how much.Ē

Please visit USDA pork inspectors speak out: "People are going to eat sh*t".

Itís all about the dollar. Not about the dollar and animal welfare, not about the dollar and public health, and certainly not about the dollar and environmental health. This industryís true colors represent darkness, suffering and death. Letís not support it by not consuming their products.