Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

The New Dietary Guidelines that Have the Meat Industry Worried

The abundant evidence indicating that the meat industry is devastating for the environment is likely to influence the dietary guidelines the U.S. Department of Agriculture is preparing to release in the coming months. The article states, "[T]he panel that advises the government is pushing for the recommendations to reflect what is healthy for the environment, too. Given the huge carbon footprint of meat production, making this change would almost certainly entail lowering the official, government-recommended intake of meat.Ē

Please visit The meat industry's worsts nightmare could soon become a reality.

The meat industry is a powerful lobbyist; and therefore, I donít think we can expect the new dietary guidelines to reflect the dramatic change that should take place in the way people need to eat in order to heal the environment. However, the USDA can no longer ignore what is obvious so letís hope that they do clearly recommend a reduction in animal-based products.