Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Why We Choose Not Eat Turkeys

These are 12 reasons that should hopefully compel people to choose compassion and not eat turkeys:

  1. Newborn turkeys search and call for their mothers and never get to be with them
  2. Turkeys love to be petted
  3. Turkeys form deep friendships and emotional bonds
  4. Turkeys are sexually molested and abused
  5. Young turkeys are brutally mutilated without painkillers
  6. In Life on factory farms (including many “free range” farms) is living hell
  7. Domestic turkeys still share much on common with domestic turkeys
  8. Turkeys suffer horribly during transport and slaughter
  9. Nearly one million dollars and turkeys and chickens are “accidentally” boiled alive every year in the U.S.
  10. There’s no such thing as “humane” turkey slaughter
  11. Compassion toward all animals doesn’t have to be taught, only untaught. Which lesson are you teaching your kids this Thanksgiving?
  12. Delicious plant-based turkey alternatives abound

To learn more, please visit 12 reasons your may never want to eat turkey again.