Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

'Prop 2' Survives

As many of you know this week a federal judge threw out a legal challenge to a California law that bans the sale of eggs from battery caged hens; therefore, upholding ďProp 2Ē, which starting in 2015 will require farmers within the state of CA to provide egg-laying hens with more room so they can lie down, turn around, and stretch their wings. This law also will apply to sale of eggs in CA that donít meet these basic requirement even when produced outside of this state.

Please visit Egg-citing Court Victory: CA's Ban on battery Cage Egg Sales Survives.

Egg-laying hens are abused in unimaginable ways, and those hens who live in battery cages cannot even extend their wings or exercise any of their instincts and needs. While banning these cages certainly helps alleviate some of the suffering for these hens, letís hope people donít feel comfortable about this and pretend their eggs are now cruelty-free. The true victory and true sign of compassion will be when no hens are exploited for their eggs.