Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

What the Chicken Industry Wants You to Believe

The vast majority of land animals eaten by humans are chickens. And of course, the chicken industry could not possibly portray the reality of what it means to raise them for food, because of the cruelty, disease and devastation involved. This lack of transparency affects people’s food choices; and when transitioning to a meat-free diet, eating chicken is almost always last to go off the menu.

Here are 3 myths that the industry wants consumers to believe:

  1. Eating chicken is not as cruel as eating beef or pork.
  2. The cruelties inflicted on chickens can be solved with a “humane” approach.
  3. There are no (good) alternatives to chickens.

Please visit The Big 3 Myths by the Chicken Industry.

Chickens are God’s animals endowed with instincts and needs. They suffer, fear death and care about their lives as much as we care about ours. However, they are probably the most abused animals by the animal agriculture industry.

Unless people stop supporting this industry, billions of chickens will continue suffering unimaginably and dying in fear. Let’s put our Christian faith into practice by showing mercy to these animals and choosing plant-based foods.