Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Animals Deserve Dignity and Respect

Excellent New York Timesí op-ed in which the writer, Frank Bruni, examines the advances in ethics as far as non-human animals go. New laws, new documentaries, penalties for animal abusers, etc. and especially the increasing awareness that non-human animals are simply not different than us in the sense that they value their lives as much as we values ours, is pushing humans to recognize that we need to treat animals with dignity and respect. This simply cannot happen if we continue to use them for our benefit.

Godís animals raised for food only know misery and death. Thereís no respect, no love and no dignity in the way they are treated. What we do to them, we do to ourselves, because we see misery, sickness, and devastation arising from it. text

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