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Christian Vegetarian Association Presents:
Take Heart!
Why Vegan is Good and Easy

This is a clear and concise article on Reader’s Digest about what veganism is, how easy it is to eat vegan (including getting enough protein) and the multiple amazing benefits a vegan diet has on the whole planet.

Please visit 11 Convincing Reasons that Eating Vegan Isn't Crazy:
It’s not crazy to eat vegan, it’s crazy not to eat vegan to the best of our abilities and possibilities! From every perspective we look at them, plant-based diets have benefits on all of God’s Creation. Mindful eating leads us to choose foods that are sustainable, healthy and that cause as little suffering as possible. When we choose to eat plant-based foods, we choose compassion, awareness and empathy. We are able to reconnect to our inner-source, the faith of Christ, which helps us see every living being under a different light until suddenly, we realize that we are all interconnected; and that when sow love, joy and peace we reap love, joy and peace. 

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