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Christian Vegetarian Association Presents:
Take Heart!
May this Christmas brings Joy, Peace and Love to all beings!!!


I suggest less praying for healing and restoration and more action in healing and restoration. It takes 2500 gallons of water and 10 lbs of healthy grain to produce 1 lb of beef. Three quarters of all the rainforest around the world has been destroyed for cattle ranching and growing grains to feed farmed animals.

Animal agriculture is one of the industries that contributes the most to pollution, global warming and depletion of natural resources. For every person on the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) 10 people could be fed on a plant-based diet.

Ten billion land animals in the U.S. are tortured and killed so people can enjoy the transient taste of meat/dairy/eggs that drive our very high rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

It's inconsistent to care about the sick, the poor, the hungry, the planet and God's creatures when one still supports the animal agriculture. 

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