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Take Heart!
God’s Animals Need Our Compassion

This fantastic article clearly summarizes the appalling, egregious cruelty toward animals destined for food. Without proper laws that should, at least, make sure they suffer as little as possible, farmed animals are at the mercy of a system that truly and sadly is incapable of showing mercy. From mutilations without anesthesia to intense confinement and a slow, painful agonizing death, farmed animals suffer unimaginably simply for taste and profit. What’s incredibly atrocious is that the livestock industry is a form of legalized torture.

Please visit Animals as Food:
How terribly God’s animals suffer at the hands of humanity! These creatures rely entirely on our capacity to feel compassion and love, which in reality is our essence. This essence, however, has been buried by our reluctance to respect the God-given rights of animals. Fortunately, we all can connect and bring out our true essence of love by recognizing that every sentient being shares this same essence; and that therefore, we are all interconnected. 

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