Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Central Valley Meat Co., Inc. Reopens

Central Valley Meat Co., Inc., the slaughterhouse that was closed for a week after the release of an undercover video by Compassion Over Killing, will reopen its doors on Monday. The USDA has agreed to let this plant resume operations if they agreed on a few requirements such as training their workers on how to handle cows, not using electric prods on the cows’ “sensitive areas,” transporting downed animals properly stunned, etc.

Insanity, hardness of heart, greed and corruption at its best! By allowing this slaughterhouse to continue operations, we are only helping spread misery and devastation in God’s Creation. Consumers need to stop supporting the animal agriculture industry or we will continue to plant seeds of pain, sorrow and death.

We should not forget that we are all part of the divine web of life and when we harm others, we harm ourselves. Let’s put Christ’s teachings of compassion, mercy, love and justice into practice on our daily lives. By doing this, we will naturally adopt a plant-based diet that helps bring healing, reconciliation and restoration to God’s Creation.

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