Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

California Slaughterhouse Closes

An undercover video released by Compassion Over Killing showing egregious acts of cruelty in a slaughterhouse in California has prompted the USDA to close it. The video shows workers pulling and kicking downer dairy cows, shooting them repeatedly in the head, and spraying and shocking them in an attempt to get them to move. And since this slaughterhouse processed dairy cows, the USDA is looking into the possibility that some of these animals might have had mad cow disease.

Itís good news that this video was taken seriously so that in this slaughterhouse cows are no longer tortured and killed, at least for now. However, the very sad reality is that these acts of barbaric cruelty are not isolated cases, but the norm in factory farms and slaughterhouses. The only way to prevent these abuses from happening is to stop exploiting Godís animals for our benefit. In fact, we do not ever benefit from hardening our hearts and ignoring the fact that all beings share the same essence of love. Letís sow love, joy and peace, so we can reap love, joy and peace.

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