Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Could This Really Be Happening?

November 2011: Due to an appeal from the National Meat Association, which wants the 2009 California state law (barring the purchasing, selling and butchering of downed animals) blocked from going into effect, the Supreme Court is likely to overturn it.

The reasoning is that The Federal Meat Inspection Act allows a federal meat inspector to examine and then determine whether a downed animal is fit to be slaughtered for meat and also says states cannot add requirements "in addition to or different than" its requirements. Therefore, currently the federal law does not require the immediate euthanasia of livestock, but California law does, which adds an additional requirement in respect to the operations of a federally inspected meatpacking facility.

How is it possible that a great decision toward alleviating animal suffering, and promoting peace and compassion, might actually be overturned? It's obvious here that the meat industry sees God's farmed animals as mere commodities, incapable of suffering and undeserving of our compassion.

Since current legislation is very much on the side of agribusiness, it's imperative that consumers take a serious stand and stop supporting industries that abuse animals. Christians need to be the example, the "light and salt" of the world, the followers of Jesus' teachings of compassion, mercy and justice, and take the initiative by transitioning to a plant-based diet. It's the most effective and practical way to end support to the meat, egg and dairy industries.