Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

A New Way to Torture Chickens

United Poultry Concerns (UPC) is raising awareness about a new method to slaughter chickens causing them tremendous suffering: “low atmosphere pressure system” (LAPS), a decompression technology.

OK Foods in Arkansas, a chicken slaughter plant, is trying this new technology guided by poultry researchers at Mississippi State University who are conducting LAPS experiments on young chickens.

Although this method of slaughter is referred as "humane", UPC explains that chickens undergoing decompression do not die painlessly, in fact, "Within a few seconds, some birds would exhibit one or two head shakes, defecate, raise their contour feathers; all birds became ataxic [unable to coordinate their muscles in voluntary movement], and then lost postural balance and became recumbent on the floor of the cage, either lying on their sides or backs.

At this stage, flapping of the wings began by some birds accompanied by a low, guttural moaning in all treatments, except Treatment 3. It should be noted that the moaning was not considered a vocalization for purposes of determining the subjective slaughter score," as depicted in the LAPS patent application.

When one thinks there is possibly no way that the agribusiness continues to device yet more cruel types of slaughter, one is proven wrong… again!

Chickens and other birds exploited by this business have no protection under federal laws, sadly meaning that they have been reduced to mere commodities.

As stewards of God’s Creation it is imperative that we stand strong and oppose the victimization of God’s farmed animals in order to help bring healing and reconciliation to Earth. Faith and ethics go hand and hand. Ethics and animal abuse do not.

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