Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Bears: Farmed Animals?

Bile from bears is a growing demand in Asia since it is believed that it can help cure everything from hemorrhoids to epilepsy. However, this practice brings misery to these animals who are usually housed in small cages and their bile is sucked from their gall bladders using crude catheters, sometimes creating pus-filled abscesses or internal bile leakage leading to the slow death of many due to infections or liver ailments, including cancer. Fortunately, there are efforts to stop this practice and just recently 19 bears were rescued from one of these bile farms in Vietnam and are being taken to a rescue center.

It's unbelievable how humans can exploit any of God's animals for our own benefit without any consideration for the creatures. Unless we take a stand against the victimization of these animals, and therefore refuse to support industries that exploit them, we are failing at being good stewards of God's Creation. Bringing misery to God's animals brings misery to humanity as well.

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