Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Another Big Agriculture Bail-Out

Peter Eisler and Anthony DeBarros of USA Today exposed yet another USDA purchasing program that serves Big Agriculture: the purchasing meat for federal food programs from “spent” egg-laying hens. These hens (280 million) live in tiny battery cages for more than 12-18 months at a time. Nearly half of them get killed each year and due to their confinement they suffer from fragile bones that break easily and splinter into their flesh. In fact, up to 24 percent of hens suffer broken bones following commercial "depopulation,” or removal from their cages.

The cruelty inflicted on egg-laying hens is appalling and their suffering unimaginable. The fact that this industry makes profit from such callousness is unethical, as well as their bail-out by the USDA. Industries such as this one that exploit God's farmed animals keeps us from achieving peace and harmony.

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