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From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Chicks Treated Like Luggage

A growing number of people are raising chickens in their backyards or even indoors in order to have eggs and/or meat more naturally raised. However, these same people are unaware that ordering chicks by mail is a cruel practice since these day-old chicks are shipped like luggage by USPS without any food, water, or climate control. United Poultry Concerns recommends against ordering chicks and instead adopting them from petfinder.com or many other organizations.

Please search online for "Stray chicken came first, then the eggs, for accidental urban farmer Patricia Arnao."

It seems that humanity finds another way to ignore the suffering of Godís animals, in this case baby chickens. Treating any animal like a piece of luggage goes against the most intrinsic teachings of Christianity: compassion, love and mercy.

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