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Christian Vegetarian Association Presents:
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Vegetarian Tofu Ravioli


1 pkg won ton wrappers (or vegan pasta dough rolled out)

1 lb extra firm tofu

1/2 lb fresh spinach finely chopped

5 oz mushrooms chopped

1/2 a red bell pepper finely chopped

1 large bunch chives or scallions chopped fine

1/3 c. gr sunflower seeds (use spice grinder)

4-6 sundried tomatoes soaked in boiling water

3-4 baby carrots finely grated

3 Tbsp nutritional yeast flakes (optional)

1 tsp crushed rosemary

2-3 cloves garlic crushed

splash of lemon juice

soymilk to thin

fresh cracked pepper to taste

sea salt to taste


- Mill sunflower seeds into meal consistency then set aside

- Drain sundried tomatoes and finely chop

- Blend sliced tofu, lemon juice, sea salt, nutritional yeast and soy milk until ricotta like consistency in a food processor OR by hand (NOT a blender - you'll get paste!)

- FINELY dice tomatoes, red peppers, and chives

- Blend with tofu mixture by hand with a fork just until well mixed.

- In a small bowl combine tofu mixture with remaining ingredients and mix until thoroughly combined

- Place a scant 1 Tbsp of mixture in center of wonton wrapper (or other vegan ravioli dough rolled out). Wet, crimp and seal edges of wrapper SECURELY (or the wrapper will open in the pan and contents will spill out)

- Cook a few at a time in your vegetable steamer making sure to not crowd pan or they will stick to each other and be glue-ey

- Keep warm on a covered dish while the remainder cook

- Toss with a bit of olive oil when they are cooked to prevent sticking

- Top with a little fresh chopped parsley or cilantro, your favorite sauce and vegan parmesan cheese as desired.

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