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NMA and AMI Pushing for More Cruelty

The National Meat Association (NMA) and the American Meat Institute (AMI) filed a lawsuit in December to overturn part of a California law set to ban the slaughter of non-ambulatory farmed animals for meat for human consumption that reads: "[N]o slaughterhouse... shall buy, sell, or receive a non-ambulatory animal. [N]o slaughterhouse shall process, butcher, or sell meat or products of non-ambulatory animals for human consumption" and further that "[N]o slaughterhouse shall hold a non-ambulatory animal without taking immediate action to euthanize the animal." NMA and AMI argue that federal law, which does permit slaughter of non-ambulatory goats, pigs and sheep, supersedes state law.

To read the full article please search online for: AMI, NMA take on California Non-Ambulatory Livestock Law

God's animals suffer so much already in humanity's hands at factory farms that it is unbelievable that both trade associations above, who are seemingly run by people with hearts of stone, are not even slightly sensitive to non-ambulatory animals. This, once again, proves that the meat industry has no regard whatsoever for the lives of farmed animals; and that greed and profit supersede any sense of compassion and mercy.  

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