Take Heart!
From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

China Looking into "Humane" Slaughter

China has been known for its cruelty to animals raised for food, and is now in the process of drafting new standards on animal slaughter to make the practice more humane. Some of the new measures would include stunning the animals before killing them, and herding pigs with plastic prods instead of electric ones. China has also been widely criticized by animal advocate groups for its inhumane treatment of other than the typical farmed animal, such as bears farmed for their bile and dogs for their meat.

Cruelty to God's animals is widely known around the globe. The extent of the food industries' callousness is appalling and shows no respect, compassion or justice toward God's Creation. A plant-based diet helps us honor God's Creation and shows a clear message to these industries that we don't support cruelty to God's animals.

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