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From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

A Steer Who Escaped Slaughter

The news of a steer in Long Island, who captured the attention of people by escaping a terrifying and fatal fate at an abattoir, prompted Ralph R. Acampora, associate professor of philosophy at Hofstra University, to write an article about the ethical relativism of raising animals for food. He talks about the "(dis)assembly line" at slaughterhouses and encourages readers to visit one and see for themselves the horrifying end farmed animals suffer. Acampora also notes the subtle tucking away of killing and corpse-processing plants to the renaming of animals' body parts once they are offered for consumption: steak and beef - never steer or cow; sausage, pork, bacon - not pig.

Most of us would be horrified if presented with the images of the procedures during life and death to which we subject farmed animals. Itís not surprise then, that the meat and dairy industries do their best to hide from the consumer the reality of animal agriculture. Therefore, it is the consumer that has the responsibility to make informed choices when buying animal products. These choices should ideally be prompted by a sense of compassion and justice.

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