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Zombie chickens

When we thought we’ve heard all there is about the cruelty of the poultry industry, one more shocking aspect comes to light. In the state of California ranchers have been turning chickens too old to lay eggs into compost at a rate of a half-million hens a year; since according to Reibli, an egg farmer, slaughtering the chickens, even to transport them unprocessed and frozen whole, would likely cost more than composting them.

Farmers suffocate the old chickens in sealed boxes filled with carbon dioxide and then layer the hens in mounds of sawdust. However, some chickens not properly euthanized have been seen crawling out of the compost piles, earning them the name 'zombie chickens.'

To read the full article please visit http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/

The way humans treat animals is sometimes appalling and shameful. In this case, hens are exploited all their lives without any consideration to their God-given rights, and at the end they are not even granted a painless and peaceful death. Unless people realize that God’s animals are not commodities, we will continue to disrespect God and His/Her Creation.

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