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A no-brainer

In spite of the claims by the dairy industry, and the millions of dollars they spend annually to try to convince people that milk products are good for humans, the ample scientific evidence indicates the contrary.

According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, among other health organizations, three out of four people from around the world, including an estimated 25 percent of individuals in the United States, are unable to digest the milk sugar lactose, which causes diarrhea and gas.

These organizations also say that milk is very low in iron and to get the U.S. Recommended Dietary Allowance of 11 milligrams of iron, an infant would have to drink more than 22 quarts of milk each day; causes blood loss from the intestinal tract, depleting the body’s iron; is frequently contaminated with antibiotics and hormones; and is one of the most common causes of food allergy.

Ironically, the quest for profit and for pleasure leads us to ignore God’s will and natures’ ways, and come up with “solutions” that in turn harm our health, the environment and animals.

A good example is www.lactagen.com that offers “the only real solution to lactose intolerance” and “reconditions your digestive system to better handle breaking down dairy products.” Interestingly, this site says that more than 70 million Americans and over 250 million people worldwide suffer from lactose intolerance or other gastro-intestinal disorders; and that 95% Asian Americans, 90% African Americans, 74% Native Americans, 70% Hispanic Americans and 25% Caucasians are lactose intolerant.

People should ponder that maybe God designed us to not consume dairy products.

Share with you family and friends that a plant-based diet honors God’s creation by helping us stay healthy, reducing animal suffering and preserving the environment.

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